3 Big Music Myths Busted

Some myths about the music industry are surprisingly persistent. We thought it was time bust a few of them. Busted Baby!

"If My Music Is Good, It Will Find It's Way To The Audience"

Good music is the first step, the second is great promotion. In order to bring a great track to the attention of thousands of people you need to market your brand and your music.

Succeeding in the music industry takes a careful combination of talent, hard work, luck, patience and promotion. Amazing talent requires hard work and persistence to reach goals and dreams.

Having great talent can't stand alone, talent is actually only 25% of the success pie. Additionally meaning that even if you aren't the most gifted musician or DJ in the world; if you are willing to work hard and invest in your music career, your proportional chances at success are highly outweighing.

Think about it. The biggest stars in the industry are not always the biggest talents with the best music. Sure, the biggest stars have talent and know how to produce a good song, but what really makes them stand out from the rest is their tireless work ethic, kept persistence, their stay-true vision, and their uncanny business sense. The music industry is comprised of artists whom are essentially just like small businesses. Just like small businesses, businesses need real promotion and marketing. The music industry is just like any other industry in most aspects.

Having your own artist website is a great way to reach fans and future fans to come- let your site do the talking for your brand and most importantly be the stage for your music promotion.

"Sampling Isn't Illegal When It's Just A Short Snippet"

Sampling isn't an issue when you're a bedroom artist and make music for just yourself and friends. Presumably there will come a time when you want to release your music commercially, and that's when you can get in serious trouble when using samples without asking for initial permission. And it doesn't matter if it's 6 seconds or just 1.

If it's recognizable, it's sue-able.

If you decide to use an existing sample, make sure it cannot be recognized, or try to get permission from the copyright owner. This process can be difficult and daunting, especially as an independent artist, but the effort is rewarded by avoiding the risk of going to court.

"Social Media Is The Best Way To Communicate With Fans"

You may think social media is a great way to communicate with your fans- and it is- but it's not the most effective and strategic way to reach them. The most prominent disadvantages are:

  • People follow a lot of other people, companies, and things- it's likely they don't see your posts. Facebook users in the US between 18 and 24 years have an average of 649 friends. Besides that, they've liked 70 pages, which on average posts 36 times a month, resulting in 2520 posts. You can do the math: the posts of your Facebook page aren't the only posts your fans are seeing. Same with Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat or Instagram. The more popular and crowded the platform gets – the harder it will be to reach your fans through this medium.

  • Social media comes and goes. For example.. remember the good ol' MySpace days? MySpace was once very popular. A lot of musicians carefully built a fan base there, but lost all their fans once when MySpace lost it's popularity. The last few years, we've lived in the Facebook day and age, but as of recent Facebook has seen a decline in usage, just as you may notice from yourself or from your friends. Now days there's a huge chunk of users who don't actively use Facebook anymore and switched to platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. Social Media is fluid and ever changing and will only continue to be so with more technical advances our global world continues to see.

  • You are not the owner of your fan data. Everything you post on Facebook is at Facebook's discretion and algorithms. Facebook decides which fans get to see content and which don't. Now with Facebook Ads the content showability is even more crowded and complicated to come out on top.

One thing for sure is that Social Media is good for communicating with your fans on a daily or frequent basis, but placing your eggs in one basket has never been a good idea and this applies to your fan outreach methods as well.

Owning fan data yourself is very empowering and aids in creative ways to reach out to them. For example, newsletters sent through email is a good method which highlights the importance of growing your email lists with your fans and subscribers- email has been around, and will continue to be around.