3 Reasons to Have Your Own .com Domain

Claiming your space on the internet is easier than ever these days. The internet is, what seems to be, an infinite space that should be open to everyone to contribute to and exist on. With platforms like Revolve you can build a website without coding skills and a programming background. A great way to claim your place on the internet is by having your own domain.

What is a domain?

A domain is an internet address that directs other visitors to an area of your own. Domains are .com addresses (or others like .net, .org, .country code, etc).


Why is it smart to have a domain?

Reason 1: More professional

Having an official domain address stands for professionality and represents that you are serious about your brand and your music. It's a stamp of dedication and is more professional when sharing your domain with others to visit your website.

Reason 2: Rank at the top of Search Engine Results

When you have your own website with its own domain, your chances of being found on a Google or Bing search are very high. A TLD (top-level domain) are domains like .com. These are what rank best in all search engines, and if the domain is special to your Artist Name then it's very likely that you will soon rank highest to the top of the results. Creating memorable domains will help that promoters, fans, media, and others to easily navigate to your site.

Having a domain that is rich in keywords, applicable to your brand, will also help attract future fans and drive them to your site which bumps up your traffic drastically– all of which play a huge role in SEO high ranking results. Results are found a bit like this:

Domain name match

Reason 3: Claim your domain

There are millions of people on the internet, claim your domain before someone else. Claiming a domain is important for your artist name and for your branding strategies. As more artists, concepts, companies, ideas, and things become emerged in the scene, the likelihood becomes higher and higher that your desired domain has been taken already, claim it before someone else!

Has your domain already been taken? Don't worry! There are many ways to still claim a domain that is similar to what you want. Try playing around with the domain you want.

For example: If your artist name is Tiesto and Tiesto.com is already taken you can try domains like tiestomusic.com, musicbytiesto.com, djtiesto.com, tiestodj.com. Also you can play around with .com, .net, co.uk, etc.

RoAnne de Weerd

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