7 Ways to Brand Yourself as a Credible Artist in the Music Industry

As an up-and-coming or new music talent entering into the scene there are a few tips that can be easily implemented into your marketing strategy to create an image of professionality and credibility in your chosen genre of music.

The image that you create and set is what fans will remember and what can create the strong connection between fan and artist. In essence setting yourself up as a brand is important for the management of your affairs and relationships. Promoters, bookers, media, and labels place high importance on professionalism, creativity of brand, PR & fan relations, and of course quality of marketing.

This is all alongside your music– your product. Think of branding and marketing as the icing to your baked cake.

Here are 7 tips to create a strong branding strategy:

1) A visually strong and incising logo
Logos are essentially your direct brand image. To differentiate yourself in your genre it's important to create a professional looking logo that can tell, in an image, who you are and the type of tone you would like to set for yourself as an artist. Logos should be noticeable and memorable.

2)A remarkable website
Setting up a fan-page on various social media platforms is easy. Although these platforms have generic pages therefore leaving all pages looking the same– they don't really allow you to stand out from the rest with stunning designs or tight formatting creations. Designing your own website looks professional, serious, and is a blank canvas for you to show your creativity as an artist. Create a website that is worth remarking on and therefore making it remarkable.

3) Blog, Vlog, or Podcast
Some artists have really made it in the industry because of their success with their online presence. Blogging or vlogging is a great way to engage fans, but also to be creative and build a fan base outside of the scope you currently reach offline. Online efforts are highly appreciated by fans because it allows them to discover you and to stay in contact on a regular basis as you upload new material on a frequent basis.
Blogging is a great way to use your words, express your feelings and opinions, announce news, give interviews... blogs are endless in their possibilities.
Vlogging allows for a fan to visually read you as an artist. You can use a vlog to really let your personality shine, allow fans for "backstage access", in depth interviews, films about your hometown/home/style/humor.
And of course podcasts are an excellent way for you to release your sound, make killer mixes, invite other artist to play (tap into their fanbase), and test what sounds are working for your fans.

4) Think ahead of the trends– Vinyl releases, creative Music Videos, etc
Vinyls have made an incredible come back right before they were about to go extinct. As they edge their way back into mainstream, it could be an idea to tap into the momentum and do something creative.
Music videos just aren't the way that they used to be back in the good ol' MTV TRL days, the 90's was a great decade! Music videos are a fun way to tell a story to your music, make them creative!
Try to take a look at past trends and begin to place your bets on what you think will come back, or what you can perhaps bring back ;)

... and of course what you can start yourself, can anyone say "twerk it"?... But don't, seriously don't.

5) Fun & accurate photos
Photos are what back up your words. Create albums from recent or past gigs, photoshoots, album covers– help give a brand new fan a good grasp on your persona, music, and your brand.

6) Appropriate -to you- tone of voice
Professionalism is important when it comes to communication. But that doesn't mean you have to speak on the level of professors, lawyers, big business owners... that's the fun part about working in music– people appreciate genuine personalities, creativity, and modesty. You are allowed to be yourself; just package it in a way that doesn't turn off a big chunk of people. Again, be creative, be humorous, be extraordinary, be you.

7) Merchandise with a flare
When you get to the stage that merchandise makes sense to do, roll out a cool line of interesting items. Again try to think of something creative that stands out but is still useful and will be highly desired.

Start creating a brand strategy for yourself, implement it, test it, share it, have fun with it. Let your brand speak empower your music.

RoAnne de Weerd

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