Featured Artist: 4Tezian

4Tezian is a DJ and producer from the Dutch town of Zoetermeer. His new track New Dawn, ft. Paula Lobos is out now.

Tell us about yourself:

I am a DJ and producer. My tracks have been released on various labels, among them the label of Laidback Luke. I received support by DJ's like Tiesto, Skrillex and Thomas Gold.

Which musician is an inspiration for you and with whom would you like to collab?

Good question! I listen to a variety of styles: pop, rock, urban, R&B and, of course, dance. It would be amazing to create a track together with david Guetta. He is the one that brought urban and house together and he is one of the guys that made edm boom.

Where would you like to perform? Why?

That has to be Omnia in Las Vegas! It's the newest club in Vegas. I like to perform in clubs because you are close to the audience and that brings more interaction.

Ok, last question: what is your favorite music-related website?

That's edm.com. They always have the latest news and it's a good way to stay up-to-date on new releases and other music news.

RoAnne de Weerd

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