How to Make Money With Your Music Videos on Youtube

When you have a YouTube channel you can earn additional money with your videos by allowing YouTube to place ads in your videos.

YouTube gets paid by advertisers and they are willing to pay you a piece of that advertising money. The more your videos get played, the more money you’ll make as you are paid for views and ad clicks.

Good and original content, promoting your videos, regular updates and growing an audience therefore is key. Below we provide you the info you need to start monetizing your videos and share some quick tips and resources.

Step 1: Become a YouTube Partner

Through the YouTube Partner Program, you can enable your channel for monetization and your videos can earn revenue from ads on YouTube.

Besides making money with your videos, becoming a YouTube Partner has many other advantages. With a YouTube partnership you have the ability to add custom thumbnails, series playlists, stream live events, add annotations in your videos that link to your website or merchandise, get insights, and have better branding options for your videos and channel.

But that's not all – chances are high that your videos also get more views. YouTube earns money with videos in which they can show ads, so it's in their interest too that your videos get more views. Meaning AD friendly videos often get higher rankings in search results.

Becoming a partner is simple. Just follow the steps here.

Step 2: Link Your Account With Google AdSense

Once you have a partnership, you’ll need to setup a Google AdSense account to receive payments from Youtube. Google will ask you for either a Paypal account, credit card, or a bank account and a verified email address.

An Adsense accounts is free, you can signup for it by following the below instructions:

Step 3: Start Monetization

To start making money with your music videos you’ll first need to check the option “Monetize with ads” in the monetization tab of each video. You can do this with the videos you've already uploaded, or when you are uploading a new video. When you check this option you are giving YouTube permission to show ads in your video and telling YouTube that you created the content or have permission to use it commercially.

In this tab you can choose where you want the ads to be displayed;

  • Display Ads. These image ads appear next to your video on These are always enabled for any video that you monetize.

  • Overlay Ads. This are rectangular banners that will appear in the lower portion of your video.

  • Skippable video ads. These short video ads are shown prior to your video. Viewers are allowed to skip these ads if they choose.

After you saved the changes YouTube will review your video. The review time of videos varies on a variety of factors such as video and channel performance, history of videos submitted for monetization, and the eligibility of your content. But normally it doesn't take longer than 72 hours.

Step 4: Get More Views

Now that you have everything completely setup for monetization you need to promote your videos on your socials and website as much as possible, create and upload new videos regularly and try to gain subscribers.

As said earlier; the more your videos get played, the more money you’ll make as you are paid for views and ad clicks.