Music Hack Tips: Videos automatically play sound now on Facebook

Facebook's video platform functionality is changing, and one of those changes is a new setting that videos will now play with sound by default on your timeline.

What does this change mean to you as an artist?

This change means that, if your fan's phone is not set to silent {and you haven’t disabled the feature in Facebook’s mobile settings panel}, every video in their News Feed will have audio fading in as they scroll past it– meaning they will hear videos your post immediately.

This new change in structure is helpful, in particular, to pages like fan pages for artists and labels.

Ideas to utilize auto-volume on videos posted on Facebook:

  • Post your music frequently
  • Try to go 'live' as much as possible
  • Recycle old video posts that were successful in the past
  • Encourage engagement from listeners by asking them to give an opinion, comment, or best of all... to share it to their friends

I assume Facebook hopes that by turning on sound automatically, it can keep more users engaged for longer with video content on its platform; longer engagement means higher chance of your content finding it's way to your fan's ears. Facebook has been transforming its social network into a destination for video, both recorded and live streamed. Video is now a core focus of the company, dominating how it invests resources into new features and controlling every facet of the main app’s design, from the camera to the share option. By autoplaying videos by default, and now by turning the sound on, Facebook is trying to further reframe the context of how users use its app, take advantage of it!

RoAnne de Weerd

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