Tips & Tricks: 9 Ideas to Rock Your Site

As a musician, DJ, or musical artist, building a website can seem like a daunting task that is only a job for "those" technical minded people– but with Revolve you can build your own creative website quickly and easily, and the best part about it is that coding skills are absolutely not necessary!

Your Website, Your Control

An artist website is a perfect way to showcase your music and talent and a great marketing platform to bridge the gap between you and your fans– current and future. Having your own website differs from just a fan-page on a social media platform because:

1) You are in control of the appearance of your website and the impression you give as an artist
2) You choose the content you want to highlight and the tone of voice you want to relay
3) You have ownership of all data like fan– contact information

Getting started is easy, and we are here to help in every step of the process. Here are some tips for a rocking a successful site:

Create Your Own Domain

Creating your own domain means you create what comes after the 'www.' ie:

Not only will fans remember your site easier, which will contribute to the ease of navigation, but it adds credibility to your brand. When your artist name is your domain, you will rank higher on search engine results and become a credible source of information according to engines like Google.

Adding a Favicon to your site

Add a Favicon

Creating a Favicon, or Browser Icon, is creating the small image on a browser tab for your website.

A Favicon is an important branding tool regardless of its small nature. Where did the word Favicon come from? It's the result of smushing two words together– "favorite" and "icon" :)

Link to All of Your Social Media Accounts

Having a presence on Social Media outlets is important– your fans most likely use several of them so you can reach out to them in the way the platform intends. For example: Instagram is a great visual communication tool, Spotify is music intensive, Facebook is for frequent updates, and Bandsintown is for show announcements. A website is a great way to host all links to your accounts in one spot.

Make it Easy to Access, Listen, and Find Your Music

Your music is the heart & soul of your operation, it should be present and easy to find. We have many widget options that can link your website to other music sources like Beatport, Soundcloud, or Spotify to just name a few.

Use a Contact Form

Your website is just as much a spot to market your music as much as it is a place for fans to reach out and know where to contact you. We have a handy and easy-to-use feature that can be added to your website for fans to leave their contact information and in return request information from you. Being readily available is important in building relationships with your fans.

Post News or Blog Items

Under content and pages, you have by default a 'News' page. News can also be used as a place for a blog or for a podcast series. Regardless of how you use it... use it. Staying active not only helps your ranking results in search engines like Google, but it provides content for your fans to read and to enjoy. A news page is a great way to communicate information and to paint a good picture of yourself and your brand.

Create a Pop-up Page

Creating a Pop-up page is creating a 'Call-to-Action' pop-up when a visitor first arrives to your page.

You've probably seen it on other websites, after being on their page for a few seconds, a pop-up 'pops' up and asks for your email or to subscribe to a newsletter. A pop-up is a type of 'alert' or 'message' your website visitor will see upon first arrival. What do you really want people to do? Buy your music, like you on Facebook, sign-up for your newsletter, or listen to your latest release? You can accomplish this with a pop-up page.

Adding a pop-up widget to your website

First impressions stick but they happen fast too– grab your fan's attention fast and most effectively. Gathering emails in the beginning of your music career is important as it's a very effective tool to communicate on a mass level to your fans. Customization is in your hands, do what makes sense for you and your brand.

Shine Bright in Your 'About' Page

Treat your 'About' page like it's your spotlight. Give a creative and thorough description of who you are as an artist and what you try to achieve with your music. This section is a great way to give –what you see as most important– information and background. People like story-telling, and this is very effective in building a brand and using emotion to create a back-bone to your music.

Add Videos and Photos

Videos and photos are your images behind your words. Be creative! Your website is a blank canvas that you can create what you want and then use your time wisely to focus on promoting your music and your brand. Use your website to really empower your music!

RoAnne de Weerd

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